Faction Event Details


Neat, it’ll be interesting to see the activity groups within the alliances form!


I’m fairly certain this won’t happen as if you’re by yourself in a world that has 4 alliances of 100+ people its far harder to have any res ops or armies.


What if someone plays as a spy for a friend in another team and just tells them where all agents are planted, what the team are planning and where each army is?

I have a bad feeling about this event coz of the people that play BD just to help a ‘friend’… Many people do get their inactive friends to help in normal gameplay and sometimes in worthless eras. So in a big event like this, all i see is trouble and game abuse. :neutral_face:

(btw, i like this new forum. However, there is no button linking to battledawn or supermechs clients [or i cant find it])


Yes i feel like hiding your army and spy attacks will be useless. Because somebody can just add spy protection to like the op enemy is about to take, and your team plans to use spy attack on that. putting spy protection just trolls your team. and you cant findout who did it.


Definitely an issue, not sure that it is possible to avoid this though? Just one of the problems that comes with this game mode. You can’t restrict who can and can’t see your agents within your team… Even if you could, it would lead to other issues.


U can resolve the spy issue by making players only share their agents with people they choose from the alliance. So if for example an inactive player is placed in a faction, he cannot know where agents are placed unless the player who places the agent chooses to.Ik that won’t completely resolve the issue, but it might narrow it down.


If you can do this, i think you deserve it even more. As stated, you’ll be facing 100’s by yourself with absolutely no means of anyone being able to help you. It’d probably be easy to nuke you to 0 workers as well. Could ion you to oblivion. There’s a lot they can do to keep you from doing anything really…

Yes, this could happen. But it can happen on all sides. It’s not a 1 way thing. And teams will be randomized. There is no way for them to ensure they get into an alliance. They could “try” to multi account, but of course, that comes with the usual ban.

What I EXPECT to happen in this event if each faction leader will organize their faction into multiple groups to take care of different things. Otherwise, it’s way too hard to try to micro manage every player. Give your own hierarchies within your factions, find people you get along with, and discuss battle plans with said people. The leaders will work with the leaders and coordinate if needed. If someone is going to go through THAT much work to leak info on spies, etc between HUNDREDS of players, they can try. But they’re gonna put in so much effort, they’d be better off trying to win if they have that much time.


Btw can the 4E family not be allowed be in this event. We dont need cheaters this event


No one will be excluded from this event. I will do my utmost to ensure things are fair in this event though.


wont u run a team malice from what i heard u only got one decent leader u arent tempted to join the fray :smiley:


I do not intend to be a lead myself. I do not wish for there to be any sort of bias assumed as I am the creator of the event.


You gonna play it though Josh?


I’ll be around for it and will likely be in one of the factions to help teach the newbies when I can.


Which ever faction antrax get placed in will get nuked to death



Est for the era?


Still working on finding the faction leaders. I hope within a few days.


All 4 leaders have been chosen. More details will come soon after all have been properly prepped and informed of everything they need to know. With that being the case however, everyone start preparing :slight_smile: With the leaders picked, we should be able to start the event soon.


You mind telling us who the leaders are? thx


50 tick wait before factions are set and created might mean someone might have a lot of faction buddies conquered :smile:


Indeed, it may be the luck of the draw!

Now, for the details you all have been waiting for and wanting ^^
Faction Leaders are:

The 4 Faction leaders have decided to go with a theme for this special event as well :slight_smile: Game of Thrones. I will update with more info as I receive it :slight_smile: