Faction Event Details



Factions has won the event poll vote; so here I would like to give you all the detailed run down of how this event will work/be set up!

Food for Thought

Before I get into all the details, I’d like to make some quick statements for everyone to read. Remember, this event is more geared towards newer players gaining experience. With this in mind, I ask ALL of you to please be considerate of newbies. They will not know what to do right away, please don’t yell at them.
Think of this as a great way to find great new potential players as well! We usually don’t give newbies a chance to prove themselves, nor take the time to teach them. This event is the perfect chance for both. Ok, now for the details below:

Quick Summary

As stated in the summary description from the poll, this will be a new special event era that will consist of 4 main factions with an unlimited member limit. Players will be RANDOMLY placed into a faction after placing. Each faction will duke it out for dominance until 1 stands on top or the tick limit is reached. This era is meant to help promote play with new members and to allow newer players to experience gameplay with those more experienced in massive teams.

Now for the details.

The Factions event will take place on Earth 4. That’s right, you heard me folks!! E4 will be opening up to hold this wonderful event! There will be 4 alliances (factions) located in different areas on the map. They will consist of a few trusted and experienced members each to ensure every team has some experience already within. Players will have 50 ticks to place on this world. You will NOT be placed into a faction immediately upon placing, nor will your placement on the map affect what faction you are placed into. After the 50 ticks are up, a 1 time randomization will be done and everyone on the map will be placed in a team by the admin at random. Yes, you heard me right. It will be complete chaos at first :imp: and it’ll be up to your faction team to organize itself and get things started.

Additionally, this event is going to be Game of Thrones themed as chosen by our 4 leaders :slight_smile:
The 4 Faction Leaders and their factions are:
@Psi - Baratheon
Sir Skipwith - Targaryen
@Jazz - Stark
@DARKFLAME - Lannister

Now to answer the questions I’m sure all of you are thinking about:

Q: When will this era start?!
A: It’s going now! Join Join Join!!

Q: What happens if I miss the 50 tick time frame. Will I just have no team and no chance to play this super cool awesome special event?!
A: Good news random forum dweller! You can still join! The Faction leaders can still add you to their teams. All you’ll have to do is ask me (Malicewolf) for a placement in game and we’ll place you via a random number generator and have the alliance leader of that faction bring you in!

Q: Can I leave my Faction and join another one?!
A: Short answer, no. There will be dozens if not hundreds of players in each team. You’ll be sure to find at least one person you can get along with.

Q: But what if I REALLY hate someone in my faction?!
A: Tough. Don’t talk to them. You have many many others you’ll be able to talk to.

Q: Well can I just leave my faction then?!
A: Yes, you are by no means required to stay if you don’t wish to for whatever reason. But then you’ll be trucking away by yourself against hundreds as you won’t be able to create your own alliance. Good luck!

Q: What if I “accidentally” leave my alliance?
A: You can request back into only the same alliance you left. Not a new one. The Faction leaders will all be highly trusted by the staff and admin and won’t help you switch teams.

Q: What if a player is causing issues in his faction on purpose?
A: Faction leaders will deal with this on a case by case scenario. If solutions cannot be found, admin can intervene/ban. Please do not purposefully cause trouble to ruin people’s experience though.

Q: What will the tick speed be?
A: It will be a 3 ticker with a 1000 tick limit. Since teams will be so large, we’re not too worried about activity!

Q: How will relics be placed for this era?
A: That’s a surprise!

Q: What will the rewards for winning the era be?
A: Top 50 individuals will receive blues as a reward. Everyone else will leave with a new experience!

Q: Why are all the resource mines and wells protected?
A: They are cut off for the time being and will be released as the era progresses! I don’t want to give away ALL of the fun though.

E4 Factions event

Please feel free to discuss, ask questions, make suggestions, etc. here. The 4 leaders have not all been picked yet and will not be announced until all 4 have been identified and informed of everything they need to know. Looking forward to this event! The biggest pending factor right now is getting the leaders set up and ready. Hopefully, this can be done within a week! Get excited folks!


Im one of the leaders tyvm


if some1 Stabs his own faction will it go under the ban case or not?


would be considered causing issues in his faction on purpose, so yes can be banned


What if the random placement is completely unbalanced? like what if a lot of good players end up in one faction and they just dominate without the other teams getting a chance?


I believe admins will make it balanced if it looks unbalanced, but all teams have experienced players set already.


Eager for the faction! :heart_eyes:


Another event ill miss, :frowning:
Ive never had the chance to participate in events :weary:
Every time i leave during my break events are held :expressionless:


No one has any reason to miss this event! If you can’t always be active that’s absolutely fine as there will be another 100 people in your alliance who can be on to cover for you. Inactivity for this world shouldn’t make too much of a difference.


There is nothing stopping people from trying to stab their team. But faction leader can kick if they notice prior. And players CANNOT transfer teams. It’s the team they get OR they are solo’ing the rest of the era (which I think is even less fun). Pending the circumstances, it could be bannable on this world, but most likely, we’ll leave it to the factions to deal with these things internally. The ONLY way to get into a faction will be through invite after the 1st randomization. All leaders will be under strict orders.

If it’s unbalanced and we know it. We’ll do a few movements.
But another thing to think about, a lot of people will be placing for this event without the intention of going all out as well. So it’ll be a bit difficult to go off of name alone. I know many who plan to show and help, but not looking to play fully active.


Hmm, I get that there will be a lot of people in each faction, but I think the winning faction should also get blues as a prize. Maybe not many but enought to act as more of an incentive to do well in your faction and not cause trouble. Cuz there ARE ways to cause trouble beyong the obvious or easily discerned. I dunno maybe I’m just saying this cuz I’m afraid as a noob I have no chance of getting top 25, but I’ll still do my best to get there :stuck_out_tongue:


I can discuss with Admins, however, we also don’t want to just reward an enormous amount of people. Perhaps we’ll give that as a prize for an entire faction IF they can actually hold all 10 relics to end the era. I feel that will be an extremely hard feat to accomplish this era.


Ik this will probably not happen
But what for example if one of the faction members rolls eot on his faction or leave the faction and spam it all over thats why i am asking is it under the ban case or not


In other words what if they pull a Vahnati?


Exactly!!! :joy:


No that won’t be reason for ban. May be reason for the leader to question the player though. If it happens constantly, the leader can boot the player and you all can proceed to nuke them.


So your saying they will get ‘Antraxed’ ?


Gonna be hard to communicate , but looking forward to it


Will the player who is without and alliance (isnt taking part in this event at all) who just builds up to top 25 be rewarded even tho he has nothing to do with the event?