Faceshocker (These Guys Have No Imagination)


the faceshocker, the most powerful drone in sm, is taken from an old legacy drone if anyone hasn’t realized like for real these people have no imagination, what do you call this? V


i mean come on bro, that looks exactly like the legendary version of faceshocker but with a red 3 dots, i just thought i’d put this out there.

if you came to talk some s**t then just leave.


There honestly isn’t anything wrong with trying to save time by not having to make a whole new sprite… this way they could do other things


i know that, but like they should make something completely new instead of just remaking something


Which they have, like all the scopes, the repulser, the armor destroyers, and other sprites.


i still think it’s cheap to remake and copy something, but that’s just my opinion


Your opinion is your opinion I guess.


the sprite isn’t lazy… the fucking name is!
Faceshocker… oh no… What an intimidating… reminds me of


the name is pretty bad, i’d prefer something like LightningShock? even something like L9-421 would be better.


Thats even worse…


hey i’m not trying to think up a storm over here, hey wait StormDevastation


Ok… that’s actually quite good


The name of the legacy item was way better too: Parasite… its sucked the nrg out of you


Is that shocker face?


tbh i just wish that they make a heat version of face shocker…
then all i would need is a heat terror cry and night eagle and im good as a heater


Sorry… but no one will ever be as good of a heater as this guy
He’s too hot to handle


how about a heat weapon based on solar energy? :thinking:


they’d have to add a sun in battles xd


it is but the old legacy version


Huh…,…body seems unclear