Face Shocker Drone

defently the hardest hitting, and most drain.
In the 3 turns you have it active dishes out 564 dmg and 228 drain, that is almost twice what Snack drone dishes out., and almost 8 times the dmg of windforge.Damn this is one bad boy…

After three hits the drone can be reactivated

^I know.

However, since most games only last 4-5 turns each, it’ll probably usually only get activated once.

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  • if you pull it in it reloads.

@Nagibator That’s really op you may be the first to max that drone out gg

But no one can get this drone now right?

It has the same drop rate as all other epics.
It is a matter of luck.

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I thought I saw an ad where it says get this drone “limited time only”

That was about the increased drop rate.

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Spend several thousand tokens and you may have a chance in getting the new electro fizzle drone just like anything else or go the longer free path and wait for the oh so giving Unicorny type map.
I take free over paying especially in a game type that likes to take take take now.

Maybe it will level out and be good for the customers once again, some day but until then only free for me.

I don’t need the “new” drone at all it’s not even my fit.
Just wanted to see the statistics on it and I did.

Me either I hate ELE bots especially sux since the original update I been getting spammed with mostly ELE parts. If I happen to end up with one from a free drop I may give it a try on a wingding ELE bot but that will be a long ways off with all the BS that’s been going on lately.

Luckily in all that I did finally get a few EXP parts through time allowing an OK EXP bot.

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Getting a lot of ELE lately myself too but that doesn’t mean i’m going to switch my whole fit too it … Seing a lot of energies mechs :thumbsdown: