Face Shocker Drone


Got the face shocker in a premium box from my daily log in bonus.


Are you still receiving the bonus? I haven’t received anything for two days…
-seeing suspiciously to the last update


Yeah the log in thing for days logged into the game I still get them. You should do a bug report @Walt_dark
Click the gear at the top of the splash screen

Then click the support button.


If you ordered …

… send me one, size I pm you !



Lol, I was looking for a halloween costume so all my ads are like that now :blush:


You’re dressing up as a model? How lewd… :flushed:


I went with a nurse costume from frederick’s of hollywood.


No costume needed …

or I would like also that one …


I got it from fortune box


that drone in mythical is good ???


If you are logged into the game at the time the bonus is given you could be getting the bonus without the notification. Keep an eye on what bonus your expecting and you might notice.


IDK I just got it today. I will post about it when I max it.


Doesn’t look quite as good as Windforge considering it’s heavy and needs to be reactivated, but still pretty good.

A nice feature would be if you could reload it before it ran out of charges.


I think it will be a great campaign drone. To bad for me I finished campaign long ago. :disappointed:



send me one too please


Btw the face shocker has unlimited uses , if it runs out of turns , just turn it back on . Its like a sycle that costs you 1 action point every 3-4-5 turns.

Thats how it works right @Mohadib? I read that from your poston the new drone.


No clue I have not tested it yet, I would put it on my goat mech but it is against the rules in that lol :no_mouth:


Yea it works like that, some guy used it and you are right


Best drone=)


Damn that’s really good.

Since energy mechs don’t always use their drone first turn, 3 hits may often be enough to decide/end the match, especially considering that the base damage is so high.

I guess this’ll be a little frustrating to play again, but it’ll also give me the opportunity to make an energy mech without having to find Windforge :slight_smile: