Face Reveal! "It's epic everybody"


This is my first webcam video. For those of you who wanted to see my face here, it is!



your way more prettier than me


Good camera :ok_hand:


To my surprise, that’s actually a nice video and sound quality! Good job @SwiftTerminator!

Btw, can I be in your next video and have a friendly GOAT battle? Or maybe some battle challenges that you will give. :rofl:


noice voice.
(put me in one of the vids pleeeeeeeeees)


Hot :kissing_heart:


Nice video


the quality tho lmao and nice mechs btw


What do you want to do?


You give anything that you want, if you accept it.


Can you show me pictures of your mechs?




Pros :

  • A successful drainer most of the time
  • Lightning Scope tactic

Cons :

  • Dies to most Phys, dies immediately to Heats no matter what
  • Super low Res

(to match heat, I’ll have to use oldschool method where I add 2 heat engines)


Pros :

  • Has some res for protection (for phys only)
  • Tricky tactics with Double Teleport
  • Heat Decimator

Cons :

  • Dies to anything that has at least 1 Mythed / Legendary Energy weapon
  • Anti-Phys mechs
  • Amazing-Tactics Heaters or Phys

Pros :

  • Can fight all types
  • Some Phys res

Cons :

  • This is a short-range mech. Go far and this is a piece of cake
  • Low Heat/Energy res
  • Because of only 2 utilities and having Claw, basically running away is the only tactic to defeat this
  • Somewhat low Cooling and Cap, which results in easy overheat

You can also ask me to change these to your likings, but not too much.

Also, you can access these three if you want.


If you want to battle me then yes you can in my next video but we have to set up a time. My time zone is (-6) GMT



That means if I sleep, you are awake. If you sleep, I am awake.

We need a coordination of time here.


hm that means one of you going to have to stay up really late


Here is a chart I made the times that are green means that we are both awake.



I’m thinking we could do a goat battle


That’s seems like a good format.

By the way, decrease the game quality, to make it less laggy…


What part of the video was laggy? I thought the video seemed fine. I used bandicam to record and didn’t notice any lagging.


Oh I know what your talking about. I hardly notice the lag becuase I play all the time with it. The lag isn’t a result of the recorder it’s how the game looks to me on my computer even when I’m not recording. I have a windows 7 and it’s a pretty slow computer. If I restart the computer and make sure that I only have SuperMechs open it runs more smoothly. That isn’t even the worst lag I’ve had while playing. I’ve had lag so bad that I missed turns.