F3 E99-new era folks!


oh hey an active forum topic and it’s because of cheats…sigh


Random colony in DC’s territory that we haven’t touched all era (nor any of his team) suddenly spam bombs us (and only us), despite DC literally sending a succession of spams to his colony at the same time. Also has 0 achievements, @abdul007 just can’t help yourself can you?


Yep, they just instantly farmed his crystal. Nice.



LoL Deal with it
You didnt seriously expect PS to change after the ban did you?

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Spamming is completely legal.



Thanks anyway


I regret not planting this one. Seems interesting.


Being a multi or a farm isn’t legal though


Yea, the spam bit was mostly me bitching about enemy using shitty tactics. The farming bit was what I was looking to constitute the ban


Too long maybe!
tick 345 http://prntscr.com/k44k32
TRUE now SGC is clearly winning and took over most area…seems like WHY and HSGC(DC) have quit.

An pic of LD sent by PS around tick 295image
PS claims that SGC didnt lock even a single squad.
SGC claims that they didnt kill anything in the lock there!

More intrestingly,as the forum erupted someone got banned :wink:

Here is a few http://prntscr.com/k44m5j @BaBaBaBaBane,your name got wrecked :stuck_out_tongue:


Will some one pls explain these spamming rules?


Before the rule change you couldnt plant to just spam people


PS may have quit the era but he is making life very difficult for SGC’s allies by using dumb proxies like mada to continuously spam


Who says i quit they haven’t killed a single squad of mine except spams lmfao


oh kay
remove that first part


Yeah we haven’t killed any of your squads because you literally don’t do anything. Yesterday you spammed a bit overnight but otherwise you all just sit on ops and then all run away back home whenever our armies are near


i wanted to see how good you guys are but sad you needed 4 armies to handle me


I mean… if we have the armies… we’re gonna use them?


i wish this was E5 Alfie


Well then go and play E5 mate because your normal strategies don’t work here