F3 Church of Pancake


Wagwan my homies,

I come to you all to spread the good news and the scriptures. The scriptures of the Pancake. It came to me in a dream, a giant battle pancake covered in syrup and fruit. He told me to write his words on a solid rock of fermented flour and so I did.

The pancake has proclaimed that we must wage a holy war in the realm of fantasy 3 and I am looking for able bodied men to help me carry out this war.

So, any of y’all around on F3 hit me up and we can do dis.

Yours truly,

PancakeRider xox


Maybe do this on pm
Enemies have acces to forum as well


Thats all part of my plan :smile_cat:


What’s your alliance called? I’m still solo :stuck_out_tongue:


Church of Pancake, CoP


lemme know if you need a player