F3 : 100th era , Iceman Incoming ?!


Its the 100th Era of F3 and there are already rumours of Iceman playing this one , is it true ??.

Lets find out .


Is there going to be any actual competition for him?


yep thats what someone other also said that it will be a very boring era cause none of the current BD teams might be able to put a good enough challenge for him.


i don’t agree on what u said about iceman tho, i don’t think he’ll be playing but i agree on that the era is gonna be boring bcz there is no alliance which can make a good match for us xD


Who is Meliodas and I also doubt Iceman shows up.


@Gaurav i’m WWW’s leader in F3


Last time iceman showedup on F2 after 200 ticks if i am not wrong , so keep a watch :slight_smile:


Should have played last era


i heard from one of iceman’s friends that iceman is busy with university so he won’t be playing this era F3


i doubt he plays early

if he has plans he’ll probably move squads after tick 300


Meliodas don`t plz be like m2 lol why u cocky


@xola_ahmed wanna do a guess for how ticks will u stay alive?
i bet maximum by tick 300 you’ll be dead lol
i said max, means u can die before 200 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Meliodas whats your deal, Couldn’t settle for one reply so you had to make another one…

I killed you on E3 but you don’t see me bragging about it or threatening you…

How about you grow up a little and just play the game


Admin love Meliodas why lot of conq near hım or lucky ?


Just like m2 and m1, planting those multies :stuck_out_tongue:


this mother needs to get ip banned


why abdul007 u are hide at start era …?

are u wored about me xD


Literally 5 ticks ago WAN alliance (current rank 6 Dark blue) was Rank1 and now its almost gone.


PS is really gonna win F3 as well…?


This is not the real CwL you can see the tag changed i just lead a couple of active newbies to win didnt have it planned.