F2P investigation

Who’s F2P player in the game?
(Free to play, means spend no money in game)
I create this topic only to investigate how many F2P are in the game

  • I‘m a F2P
  • No, I’m not

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please be honest

Ze poll broke lol


Now works


My mech seems spent a lot of money on it,
but I farming big boy at 2017 sep that time
Big boy will drop a premium box,(old one, cost 150 tokens)
And I will get epic and some premium legendary that time,
so i have a lot legendary now
59 AM
but honesty I restart level on my another acc
I thought I’m a cheater
But I won’t do that again guys

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there is no logic in diminishing the probabilities of legend if there are already people who are cheated, who win with this … and seen many people come and go for this very reason …


Answers to this poll had to be anonymous, because there are players who don´t like others to know that they invest money, for privacity issue.

If you want everyone to answer you honestly, do it anonymously.


Lol hi , im a f2p “top player”.

I have medals k?

Lol hi , im a f2p “top player”.

I don’t have medals k?

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wait…@Technodive are you talking to me?..bcause it notified me…same with you @WinzKay

2018-03-14 (2)

Your notification disappeared @TechnoDive

I believe it works like so, if someone hasn’t replied within the last 30 minutes. Whoever replies after said amount of time passes, notifies everyone. It’s happened to me before.

Could be they did, but then you’d see the little Screenshot_270 thing with your reply or theirs.

im F2P , one of 3 most recent premium Legend items are only rolling beasts , desert fury and armor anniliator , not gonna giving up my dream of collecting energy stuffs

I was a stern f2p player until 2 weeks ago, when I had everything I owned on my primary mech at mythical. I could not progress further so spent a little. That allowed me to get to a consistent R1.

I will not be spending nothing else until the game pvp population crises is solved. If that doesn’t happen then I’m afraid this game will die for sure. It’s very close to dead now.

I only buy tokens worth 5 euros at the end of every month.No more.
I could say I’m pretty much f2p.
Plus I never get anything good out of the boxes I buy…

i am a f2p player
that means i do not contribute to the pockets of the devs, therefore i am a unwanted burden financially (and otherwise)…:slight_smile:

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I just close the poll because of not anonymously
I’ll create a new one

wait… I can’t…

That is pretty much what I do, too - that’s not F2P, imho.

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oh man…this is getting annoying…it keeps notifying me when it’s not even a reply for me…

can someone fix this?

Well,I only have 1 L-M item…That I got from a fortune box…I have never once gotten a good weapon for all the money I spent.
And if you just spent a couple bucks at the end of the month,it isn’t really considered p2w.
So I could say that we’re pretty much f2p.

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anonymously poll

  • I’m a F2P
  • No, I’m not

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