So there is good old PoB , SWAT , TwF and CoC trying to have some fun.

CoC could MAYBE have Iceman cause there are few lool players on map , also its leader is using ign COC guru as iceman uses iceman guru sometimes. Maybe i could be wrong lets see , fun map though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that the real SWAT? Is CRAZYTARGET and Jarzami with them?

Guess he is.

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Most probably it is, cuz iceman was playing coc after quitting BD lol ,

HOLY SHIT why wasnt i invited? altho i am somewhat triggered by the fact that hes not writing in all caps like he used to. im suspicious that might not actually be him. hmm.

it’s fake SWAT.

POB SWAT & POBs got takenout by COC and NF and NFS has relocated from top right corner to Bottom left corner so looks like they also warring THP or TwF atm.

wow looks sick

gonna drop just to watch the action

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Is that BDA alliance related to BDA, @Elcent @EnerGY

Nope, did plant to check them out. Just happened to be same initials.


In a dramatic turn of events the map has totally changed now. POB , POBs , NF , NFS , SWAT , THP are almost all Gone now and also looks like TwF has also taken a Hit meanwhile COC has just grown insanely in Power.

Also there have been 6 Mass Boosts till now which is also nice i guess

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The forums told me that wasn’t a complete sentence. Sorry grammar Nazis

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Looks to me like TwF has a lot more territory though


That was exactly my point. Im pretty sure thats a fake

Seems like Icey decided to drop some more money haha. Make it a good war TwF

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more br pls :slight_smile: maybe from coc killing pob,swat and co.

dfkjshjfhsjfhja <<ignore

War will end soon, TwF made the mistake of attacking THP, their only hope of beating Iceman and co.

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Why would TwF attack the alliance they share territory with unless perhaps THP was going to help CoC in the future war?

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Leader of THP here we had every intention of helping TwF against COC. The reason cited for the stab was sniping and taking “their spoils” also POB made up some BS excuse as to why we deserved it.