F2 - Galaxy level dead


Less than ten alliances as of posting this
number one team had all ten players in top 10 at tick 20, now it is 9/10 players in top 10 with 1 player sitting at 11th.
It is tick 168

I am trying my best to make this server interesting as F2 sort of feels like my home but dam this breaks my heart to see it so dead.


What’s even worse is that the rank 1 alliance wasn’t pre-planned, the leader just send invites to 9 random people, meaning not 1 single pre-planned team placed at all


E2 is where all the action is.


Its about to get even more action


i’m JW, no alliance and conquered, yet i’m rank 42
dead af


Its all about earths worlds nowadays


galaxy in general is dead, but now that tokens dont merge from .com to galaxy no point in galaxy


actually g3 seems more alive than some bd worlds.

and the post was saying that f2 is as dead as galaxy. not talking about how dead galaxy is.