F2 77 era discussion


since everyone was abundant to my request on the nopy cheating topic so i decided to share some of the nice BRs currently going on there
http://prntscr.com/foq2ba killed this shitty exp farm by the time i noticed he already had R4 got proof for it messaged joe about but u know


What is this Brenda? Nothing worth seeing. Upload something nice



was searching for it best one yet


How about you guys also post the br’s in which you lose your armies


Brenda never had an army to loose


Well Boys I Asked You For Some Br’s But i guess, No
Well I’l help you boys by sending them for you
Here is the time when your guy rage quit and suicided into me


Here’s another time you boys got someone to Spam and suicide

How much did you pay him?
Because he didnt have any reason to attack us
He was even conquered by you.

And here is another instance of you boys ,trying to rebuild and die horribly, Without even a spy you got crushed

There are a dozen more,But i didnt participate big time in those so i wont post them,
The ones who died , Maybe Post those,Or do you want me to?
Before someone asks for more and i start digging again


Accused others of cheating, yet it was your original leader who got banned.

Scared to go head to head, so got more than half the world to go against us and broke the NAP

Honestly you noobs should have been able to do much better with all that help xD

Anyways, GG. C ya in another era

Oh and btw didn’t forget the exp farms. Nice job with the units


Ok Stop Babbling
The Leader was kicked Before ,Why because he sucked
Teaming up with other teams?
DUDE do you forget you tried to GET The Rank 3 and 4 team to stab us,EVEN now you try to get them to switch sides.And then you had 4 (LA,BTS,KK,FRAN) vs 2 and you cry ,LOL
One team reported to us ,So yeah obviously ,We should have let that go :slight_smile:

Break a NAP, The nap said we do not cross middle of map, You took our ops without telling when we crossed map.OK
But then you bring 1k inf to our side of map,Obviously we broke the nap,You got us WHOO
And Exp farm, Seriously wtf where?
Only r4 we got were from YOU guys.

And dont blame SnCn for attacking you, You have been fighting them since tick 100

I just see lame excuses to die

This Is Battledawn,Naps will break, Teams will do their diplomacy
Go Play Farmville if you want to build and farm


Oh I am sorry i thought we were playing Battle Hug


for your info we were fighting you, WHNN, WB, SnCn, GOO and TA was marked red by the time i quit for my vacation but you accuse us of getting an exp farm when you literally had this guy place in the midst of our territory but we killed him before he could cause any ruckus but then again you had over 8 ops past the border and u messaged us about 2 ops when u took the initial of crossing the border also we brought the inf to borders to prepare for the war but you had to backstab and spam with 4 and a half pages of incoming before the nap with about 80 ticks


WHNN were in corner of map ranked 9, wB had not even formed when war started GOO have been dead since tick 200

But yeah If marking RED means youre fighting those people
We marked the map red .So does that mean we are fighting them all


wb had players with armies equal or greater to our average members and also please notice we were waring with 7 as u killed one of us during the backstab we had dusk who was out for 60 ticks and @zealot who did absolutely nothing while GOO spammed throughout the war whenever they came online


Told you wB was formed after tick 600


@Yahiakh, you had me plant when the war started, lol

Also, Burner, the team you fought was predominately a fun team. I’m not sure of their intent early era, but inactivity got hold. That and a bit of inexperience, (no offense to you lot, I love you all). Your team had

  1. someone banned
  2. more teams on their side
  3. you were the ones that stabbed first
  4. fighting an inactive team
  5. fighting a team that had never played with one another and took some time getting used to each other
  6. a team that tried to also give newer players a real shot at a BD era

and yet… they still held your ass for what… a week? And oh yeah, aren’t exactly dead yet. So congratulations to you sir, for getting the upper hand on this team, and bragging about it for the world to see. You are a first class hero.


In my defense
Our team was NOT pre planned
I myself joined later
The leader got REPLACED BEFORe he was banned ,So you cant blame his cheating on us

We did NOT have more teams TA did not fight them
Power difference wasnt much we even almost touched like 20 pwr difference
Yeah We stabbed because they brought armies to our side,Thus breaking NAP
We NEVER played together before except one or two guys.

Black panther from our team is Quiet new
And Im Noob ,My 2 or 3 era

So yes We are HEROES,WHOO


Neither were theirs.

Just stating a fact.

mmm but they would’ve if we got the upper hand right?

If you stab, you break the NAP. Simple as that - You could’ve resorted to a peaceful solution.

Ah, is that why he has 18 top 10s?


TA did not and wouldnt help
They were fighting KK and LA ,The teams Helping FRAN .
We were alone
Also right now
Its KK and FRAN vs Us

BlackPanther is a noob.Some exceptionally good and old players do not have badges,Doesnt mean they arent veterans.
Some Bad players have Medals,Doesnt make them good

I respect some players from FRAN ,but this era they lost the war.


Son Osamali is not a noob…


I never said we all are noobs
Dusk,Vortken,You ,Z,Roro,Frozen and Spine Breaker all were not noobs.