F1- Trio era ! (3 man alliance)


Why is all I hear this discussion about ‘running’ on this era?

Do you take 1v1 fights every opportunity that occurs? And if so, be honest, how is that working out for you?


We had 1vs1 with them mostly as you know it already they plan to stab us with 2 alliance pot and what when our units are almost near there colony and one of our members conquer because of it :cry: still we managed to clean middle island in less then 24 ticks thx your alliance help we have recover our middle island fast after we killed donkey and frog one pot player and gt player come near us to fight battle is still going on


Tick 449

Big Battle between TPB and SOML (mentioned in earlier posts)

  • Donkey and Disect Frog Minds lose their armies; SOML fall to rank 4


Having 7-8 teams to help you against SOML and you say it was 1 vs 1 pity nikhil pity nikhil
Actually you are the real losers


Unlike you we don’t do it c’mon show me 6, to 7 team they fighting with jfc and cb still don’t even have ops up to middle if you show me 6 to 7 team till give you my place to win this era


i wasnt even playing otherwise i wouldve showed you what a support is called


Oh I heard you placed to win the era with ponka :rofl::rofl:


i was just planted JW little kid


Oh shit you also lost F3 to a bunch of noobs hahaha


Tick 473:

Turro (ex-POT) join SOML, replacing Disect Frog Minds

Hostilities erupt between GT and JFC


Tick 496


Tick 516

SOML colonies under pressure

Cat Bomb of GT conquered


Tick 616