F1- Trio era ! (3 man alliance)


So a Trio era has started and i am looking for a team , anyone recruiting ??

Contact me on skype : sourabh.sharma494


Did the admin forget its a one ticker? its going to painfully slow. But i expect many players will join


Last time i remember there was a 3man 1 ticker on F1 it was awesome.

Was action packed for the whole era (up until Milan went for boat that is…)


Here we go!!!


seems like a well distributed map any intel who is playing?


Bane is playing.
i can t tell who else without planting


Day 2


Now things are getting interesting , alliances starting to cross each others territory.


A little threat from Rank1 alliance member to Rank 3 alliance member just after Rank 3 alliance member Declared Rank 12 alliance as their sub.


ANML attacked WILD yesterday managing to take their res ops and conquered their leader , while WILD leader claims they were stabbed for no reason.

Just like every other era Dusk left his alliance for the better alliance and hence left FAF and joined GT.

Anthrax has been spotted on the Map , due to his weird way of broadcasts and he is playing actively in ANML.


WILD Disbanded :
Former Rank3 alliance WILD after getting attacked or as they said stabbed a few days ago has now finally disbanded. And now their players have relocated near TPB and one has even joined TPB.

FAF Disbanded:
FAF former rank4 alliance has also disbanded. And now their players will be joining Hey alliance and allies. It will interesting to see what happens between GT and Hey now as Dusk left FAF to join Hey.

The big war has started with both teams already with 2x power ahead then rest of the teams on map.

Rest most of the world is still in a stalemate position.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Tick 230 update


keep us updated @BaBaBaBaBane


Tick 312:

Major Changes:

  • KB wiped off the map
  • TPB Relocate away from POT; TPB leader conquered by POT leader


looks like Antrax found a home :slight_smile:


Tick 353

Minimal changes


Tick 405:

WILD is back?

  • Who i am for F7H and XLordRagnar from LnD join to revive WILD


I am not leader of TPB. Julian is the leader I helped start it. I just wanted to clear that up


finally after 400 tick running from us frog and donkey got lockdown and lose there units antrex blame one of his number for killing his own member :joy::joy: since starting of the era he keep on running hope he get tried soon