F1 fun in the corner

After UP decided to backstab after making a NAP they thought to attack me, after killing a spy, a lock down and a virus this is the results ! lets bring back some good old forum battledawn forums. UP backstabbers just lost 137 units.


BR’s please ⁣⁣

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This is the only BR i currently have for them. since this is the fight when they decided to stab lol

Up currently renamed as PNKA

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Had few more but I think this one is enough to tell the story

Yep we certainly did, and yes it was unfortunate, however we did take most of your army with us (Full br below), and it rendered you useless for 100 ticks. Considering you were planted in our hive and we didn’t need to divert any squads to defend I’ll take that.

Random BR’s that I can find below for all you lucky people. Classic Anish (For those of you that don’t know, Death Stalker (Jack Dawson) was Anish), to attack a fully ct op mid war where he knows we had agents as his own agent failed. That failed attack finished up the war as they just gave up after losing their armies.

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good stuff, yes sirs. this era looks fun. it has Faker and Joshni in it. 2 cute boys

Both TITA and DONQ dead, so WN, PNKA and SOML are taking the era as of now.

ooo. noob SGuderian is there? i’m tempted to watch how horribly he’ll fail this era.

I’m not playing lol, JW. I was in DONQ but the whole alliance died thanks to inactivity.
Also it makes me so happy that you care so much about me baby :wink: :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed:

i’m just worried about you. you seem to be awful at BD and i want to see how i can help.

Once again, I started playing more seriously a month ago. Or, don’t tell me, you got all of your achs in that much time didn’t you?

In fact, I hadn’t come to the game in years. And Its because of people like you who kill it, discouraging people who are less experienced because they make a blunder.


anymore questions?

sure you did, you’re the legendary and great Kaen anyway : P
and what, not gonna admit that you’re a bigmouthed ahole?
really, just imagine if you talked like that to someone new to the game. someone with no way of defending themselves. does talking shit about others make you feel so good and special and better than everyone else?
you are just exactly why people quit BD. not the empty eras, not the overpowered players, not the constant server crashes.
no, it’s bullies like you.

there are plenty of new players i’ve helped learn the game and a few i took under my wing. Only reason i am not your biggest fan is because you are arrogant and cocky and think you know everything. You act like you know everything and you are all that, then when you get called out on something you hide behind your noob shield. you don’t get to do that. either you are a pro and own up to your mistakes or you are a noob and you stop being so cocky and arrogant.

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Woah Faker killed the Legend that is Anish! GG man, P.S is this era over?

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Haha only reason I even put these up was a little redemption against the josh fail haha, plus I know how much people enjoy seeing Anish beaten

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