F1 Era 84 world thread


I figured, since F1 seems to be a bit loaded, with 3 alliances going for the win, with a few others existing on the sidelines, that world deserves a thread.


thats 7 alliances
LFC (for blueofjazz)
mery men
BTW (favourites)
RFC (ultimate favourites if they play serious its easy win for them)


I am counting on RFC. They don’t seem to have any competition


yeah. RFC seem to have the best chances of winning this


Can we discuss the massive cheating WBP is doing with the conquer farming and energy farms?


aslong as u have no solid evidence then ur down with the rest of em
admins need solid proof before doing a big move like banning someone especially when that person is in a top tier alliance


LFS not listed in the dicussion… Interesting…


It is evident throughout the entire map…


LOL guys, please post some SS & encourage more players from F1 to participate in this thread.


We dont need any more inputs when its clear that this round belongs to RFC. We all are under their mercy.


Not going to lie, I’ve even heard about the cheating going on in F1 and have seen the screenshots collected (I forget who compiled them though, I just know that the evidence does actually exist). I think I may have seen it from @Carter although I’m not sure where he got it from.

Good luck getting anything done about it, it’s almost impossible to get somebody who buys Reds banned.


mhmm, think it was about f2 tho not f1

however I HAVE heard about cheating from DETH (not sure about WBP)

edit, thread that got hidden by the mods about f1 from capo: http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/this-game-is-so-dead/739/17


That was it! My mistake on the eras, I got them confused.


ERA has just made a turn for the best.

DETH and WBP have declared war on each other…

Thoughts on what is occurring??




Who needs a farm out there?.. I am writing this following message only to meet the minimum amount of characters required to make a post, which is 20 characters. I thank you all for reading, but please do not let this extensive clarification distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer`s table.


so far F1 is going as expected. It started out with Yoz asking some players to place for him as conquers, some of which have planted. and Zain asking some players to place for him as conquers (including one of our members that he wasn’t aware of already having placed to play with us) that was great and all.

The current situation on F1 is DETH vs WBP, TRAP, XPND, OT, NICE, and Rekt (not sure if i got em all or not). WBP has teamed up with half the world to fight us. DETH has killed 3 WBP players’ armies. WBP has been desperately asking people around them to join them and has even asked some of our players to leave DETH and join WBP. they have been switching out the players that died with new players that have big armies. and as was expected, WBP had their friends place in DETH territory and sit and build all era to spam us, with some just recently planting in our hive with blatant names like “spammer” and attacking our colonies. PS is there, most likely with some other teamviewer screen-sharing pals of his and they’ve began spamming us and being a nuisance because DETH got close to WBP territory.


its pretty much every alliance on the East side against DETH, and a bunch of spammers planted to spam DETH in the West.

it’s not surprising seeing Carter having joined the cheaters. he’s always had a knack for that kinda thing. it’s a thrill, living on the edge, knowing you can get banned for not playing fairly but not knowing when it’s gonna happen. it’s always a surprise. like, what if one of your members gets banned in the middle of a war and you cant do anything about it? it’s kinda exciting, really. we get it, @Carter. btw why switch out a dead player for a player that has a completely different chassis?


Because they’re super PRO and we couldn’t possibly begin to understand the reasons behind their elite logics as we’re just filthy scrubs.


honestly i’m not sure how we’re holding up against them. they know more. Our players are way less experienced and haven’t won as much and are constantly doing noob mistakes. we just play as a team and are active. compared to their pro tactics btw LFS (led by @Pocono) is in the middle and hasnt chosen a side. waiting to see who wins so they can try to suck up to them and get top 3. because instead of choosing the side that has already been ganged up against or the cheating alliance, they are just waiting to see who wins so they can have an easy top 3.

my opinion throughout the era:

in the beginning i was kinda iffy about playing with players that aren’t that experienced. i was very skeptical about our chances of winning this. throughout the era as diplomacy was done with other alliances, i greatly disliked our leader for his inability to do diplomacy and constant mistakes he was doing. i even reached the point when i was planning on leaving the alliance, which i notified our leader about and asked him to find a replacement. WBP asked me to leave the alliance and join them. this was before the war. i figured, why not? then they changed their minds and i’m like, ok.

after the war already started and we were facing off on two outposts opposite each other, WBP members contacted me and asked me to turn my army when i’m attacking them, so my alliance would crash into them without me. and WBP was trying to convince me to either get my alliance killed or do some other dumb shit that would hinder my alliance, and join them. I told them i wouldn’t mind joining WBP, but not during the war. and i sure as hell wasn’t about to backstab. their requests made me lose my respect for some of their players.

the player that was meant to replace me ended up replacing another member of our alliance (an inactive) so i ended up staying a bit longer. i told Haze that i would leave the alliance after the war whether we win or lose. i’ve fought together with these guys and have seen the harmony and teamwork. barely anyone missing a move, doing moves with all 10 members of the alliance, everyone being helpful. and i currently love this team. i hold no grudges against my leader (who i kinda hoped would die earlier on in the era) and i think he’s a pretty swell lad now (as a player, of course. not a leader) i’m glad i stayed with them. i enjoy playing on this team. (unlike most of my previous team experiences)