- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


ying is the one who swinged the hammer for 517 , he won :x


I won the match but yes…all mechs die eventually…not sure why or how that was funny but to each there own right


Phil Swift here with flextape (do NOT try this)



new flex tape comertial when they learn about the memes:hey everyone,phil swift here and today we will do and repair some DAMAGE with F L E X G L U E


Thanks for screens guys :slight_smile:


nice trafiiii congrats soon top 3 :smiley:


Congrats trafi ur there and we are proud on you ^^ Soon top 3 :smiley:
U start as small player but now ur the one of the honored and friendlier player i ever saw
u try help new or old players that came back u and never leave and turn back to them
u try always your best and never give up and today buddy u starting to be legend :sweat_smile:
Im glad i meet such a nice, friendly and care person like you good job buddy ^^


Living the dream huh…nice


Thank you buddy,i m trying to get along with everybody :smile:
Hard work finally show some results
You are the best mate,we gonna meet there for sure
Thanks for compliments and for this awsome message,and for ss,without you i wouldn t even know that XD


I am flexing


No ur floxing.


Belated grats on making top 10!


Good Night someone from HTK!




Ill clame revenge for my clan mate :slight_smile:
Serious note, very well done


Damn those premiums on your mech… I want them all


@cyanine is known for his lack of premiums lol


Claw, bulldog, energy flame thrower…lightning scope…