- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


we got a rocket king here


A very very old fashioned one too. That build used to work wonders back then.


the deso nerf rekt it.
this mech also makes me mad…
you can probably tell why…


Nope, the build was broken a long long time ago.

From what I remember, it was from claws and Heat Bomb.


deso nerfs helped in the degredation too.
also the reason im jellous of this guy is that he has an abombination
(seriously ts when am i gonna get it?)


The Deso nerfs weren’t that serious dude…

This is you


I agree, people are still using Duo-Deso, and are still pretty strong.







And why are you using my original phantom charater?

This is the second damn time lmao.


My phys is so strong

It went through Raid 6 without any special weapons.

Also, nice.


I feel so weak since I can’t go through the last raid without a heat mech…


Well you’re right about that one thing.

You really can’t get good in raid without a Heat mech. Even I just stand around with a whimsy Legendary Heat Bomb lol


You have shortranger mythed.


And maxed.

There’s no way for a Physical to live in these kinds of arena up here…




Also makes battles INCREDIBLY quick, which is good for me because I, have a life! :wink:


I don’t trust you lmao.


Oh so what now, you think I’m dead :question:

Please mind your own business :exclamation:



I still don’t trust you lmao.

You alredy know why.