- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


My turn to hide behind resistance now smh


Welcome to the club dude :smiley:


Now thats alot of Damage!
Get flexed on little ones
Over 1500 dmg in 1 turn without L-M Weapons


Post a video, please… :slight_smile:


Which weapon was that?


Anni, 532 dmg, Nightfall 516 dmg, and Short ranger, 518 dmg


I will get round to it, :smiley: Its good to see that people like my content


Thanks… :grinning:


My first time in Rank 1!

@Rovolution thank you for being the fun final player I needed to beat to get it XD

I changed my lineup so that I wouldn’t have to use my heat mech and made another phys which got me to the end. Also, thanks @Mr.E for the small tips and tricks


Haha I’m glad to be the step needed to get up there!

Welcome to hell!


Oh wow, I started playing SM before you and you’ve beaten me to Rank 1…


You somehow made it… GG


Lucky kiwi


Why’d you reply twice to me?


I really have no idea, I guess as a final mssg from dat account :joy:
And kinda 2 different people ish


I thought DDark_515k died


He did :3
Just now was his dieing breath i think


Guess i should really start working on an energy mech!
And yay, portal loot!


give pls

i need another… :frowning:


Well, i got a MVP from this portal, but weird thing is i didnt remember getting it XD