- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -



What have you done to his cooling??


Probably same modules and torso or just E X T R E M E coincidence!


Must be using heat storage units. Not the best of plans, that’s for sure…

I’ve done the same many times, just usually on mechs with zero heat mods.


Or he only had 310 cooling but 2 vandal hits made it 230 cooling ++ hammer and drone which made it 200 then heat bomb then cooldown then walk then hammer then hammer and hammer and hammer


If he used the hammer that many times wouldn’t the other guy die from damage?


Well, Mjolnir had 2.8k hp + 80 heat res and rice could have only hammered a couple times


For some odd reason the drone looks like a cow


I don’t see it… Like, at all…?


How… How is it possible to even out-cool a Zarkares?


It either didn’t had that much cooling or just the double vandal,murmur,and heat hammer cooling breaking.


its possible. bunch of heat capacitors and some mass cooling boosters.


That’s the damn point


Number two, done.


Why are you shoving that in my face? :rage:



Dayum,i kinda feel like that i should myth my plat lol.

But first,i need to do buisniess with my piska


whaaaaaaa i want one… or two… thousand


I own 2 plat plates, might fuse away my 2nd one :stuck_out_tongue:


Do it, you ugly Kiwi


With pleasure :stuck_out_tongue: