- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Correct. That’s a replay, and the green light is bugged in those.


This took far too long to do.
I’ve had this item since I started playing (in reloaded) and haven’t gotten around to upgrading it until now.


Yes,he needs a Terror Cry.
If the opponent is at range 1 (and the EMP is used),he’ll need both Bulldog and LW to push the enemy into the optimal range (range 3).
Also,since he has a bulldog,it breaks the purpose of the Viking Hammer.

I’d say leave the build as it is.


HtK for you, clanmates rock:


I smoked Gorgon today …::::… Nothing new but he likes to post here .


The Lightning Scope, Shockwave, and Recoil Stompers came out of Fortune boxes. Ive only gotten 4 fortune boxes and have only been playing for three hours. How lucky can I be.legitness



I smashed gorgon again…::: no big deal …:::


I adore him… But beating him is very rewarding


I want good items, can’t even get a good epic item anymore smh
What has this game become? Some people just started and have 3 plat plates, others have played for all of reloaded and have absolutely nothing.


Time for heat hunt


I just spent an hour typing and formatting a thread that no one will see.


deseooo que me salga esa arma!!!


Pure Luck, thats all.


How good you are at the game shouldn’t be purely based on luck. It should also be based on skill. In a game like this, it’s not who’s the best at the game that’s the best, it’s just who is luckiest and can waste the most time repeating themselves over and over again.


You have 2 or 3 now?


Its the first just, yet…Take quite some time to got one :joy:


Ah lmao.
Soo you’re just flexing at chicken.


Yeah, just teasing him a bit to see where he can take it :joy:


Speaking of wich.

I know it’s an weak flex but you can’t say it’s weak if i painted :))