- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Oh, thats not the actual build I have in mind, but thanks. More like my store room of things I don’t want to fuse away, since the drop rng can be cruel!



You got it? Mine’s still glitched.


Yeah, it didn’t vanish when I refreshed


Good for you! I’ll wait and see what happens.


Lets trade, i give you regen, you give sparked :slight_smile:


Also got my first-ever all C O M M O N box


If only you could…


I know the feeling :frowning:


I never had a all common from the 5 box thing before…


Me too, never had one.


If only it was a night eagle instead… or maybe, I dunno, a REGEN BOOSTER


2nd one


…Ahh whatever, this place is about flexing so I guess it is ok for you to rub your items ya got here.


Well… yeah


That is kind of the point…

Case in point:


Who won? I’m assuming he did since you have no other weapons that are in range and with 40 physical resistance he could’ve tanked the void shot easily.


Very good intuition (I forgot what the proper word is…for when you scan the surroundings and exam…idk)

But he has a turn left so a hook or charge could go a long way


Both wrong. That falcon shot was my second action point, and my Void took him down for the win.

It was basically a last-ditch effort that got lucky.


The green circles that indicates how many turns you have is inaccurate (well at least for me), and I assume he used a teleport to get to that position to use the Falcon