- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Regular address yes, the other address didn’t come through. The Mighty never came.

Also, thanks for the 2 plats and valiant


You have eight items that I really want… Damnit…


Lol, what are those?

Ask Gorgon, he’s got plenty more. I am merely a F2P



So am I… It doesn’t change the fact that I’d love some Beasts and another Claw.


In the words of the Spy: “*Chuckles, well now
I can’t say I was looking for it. But I certainly won’t complain.


Just casually bought two packs


Ladies and gentlemen
Inb4 that plat is installed on 2,5k phys, so 18HP won’t change much


I kinda feel like that you should do hook for more damage.

+18 HP is too small.


Why does this show up as john cena for me


Just flexing this L-M item that i mythed today.


Oh hey @Yeet jazz band ended an hour early, mom is a phonetard so I am sitting here in the hallway waiting.

I have been waiting for an hour now



What kind of build are you gonna make with a Desert Fury?


Just gonna use it for my couunter physical, It can cover all ranges


Just why?? Desert fury is quite the shet you know…


I laughed quite a bit at this. Having a phonetarded mother is definitely something to flex about.

Waiting like a lel is also some huge flex.


But don’t worry, I got the point. Just found it funny.


I also have 2 of these maxed myth.
Only once did i use them… never again.


I know the pain. Got 2 myself too. Used them at some point that dual nf, dual desert fury, mercy on wheelchair. We worked on it together back then. That was an excellent build at the time. Before claws and arena buff shets though.


the concept of it aint a bad one… unfortunatly, it doesnt belong in this game.
Like i say it all the time… excelent, if non existant.