- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


My boy need some guns, but more ahead, we might meet :slight_smile:
I need one multi-res L-M and another cooling, and oh, one spartan too…Oh well, i play with what i have :man_shrugging:


Hey, I can build that.

Oh wait that’s the point nvm


Also, if you dont have two pairs of rolling beasts( I know one is on your first) Use Sparked runners, replace a heat engine with a plate.


Switch Anni for BB and you can put shorty on it.


I finished this demon without any Revives!

(No seriously I didn’t do any revives, if you don’t believe me, so be it.)


Where is that? I’m very afraid…


This is the boss that’s always harder than the BigBoy, Senior Quads of The Danger Zone in 2v2.

In 1v1 campaign the minions of Senior are harder than Bigboy’s minions, while in this level, the boss is just a draining demon.


Check this out…

You don’t see that often.


You could just buy a ton of Santa hats to get to any amount of credits.


Or I can use paint. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


finally reached lvl 150 :disappointed_relieved:
but I also got something useful…


Would you believe me iff I said these are the items I don’t use?


I’m saying this as F2P WinzKay.


The stompers :frowning: thank you for your service.


Use the Claw dammit, I thought you wanted it.


Claw is overrated



Lol, yes, I will.

But what use is the claw when everything else you need isn’t ready? So for now, I will be using my Beast, mercy, nightfall, spartan + Falcon rounded


Hand me a couple of plats and magmas and I’ll never take another look at claw

And a couple res mods for good measure


For me, hand me some Valiants and some Bunkers. Also some of them Plats and Res for good measure.


Im using all my plates atm (ye man, finally). I haz no magmas. Got some spare protectors though. Sending to the regular adress?


Vaillant possible. I haz no bunker.