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Ye, rabbits in this game seem special. 1 identifiying to phoenixes and being reborn out of nowhere, the other one identifies as a dildauish horse. Rabbits these days. .


nice to see some people get this type of humor… a dieing breed unfortunatly… in a see of anime parn barns.


Were just old mate…


Yeah, while i just need another one and this game won’t give me even one…


Splurged and spent $10 on tokens today to get 2 premium packs hoping I might get a l-m, or at least a legend or 2 to feed a mythic. I didn’t take screenshots sadly, but I received the following:

x4 Dynamite boots, epic
x3 Face Shocker, epic
x2 Nemo, epic
x1 Energy Mass Booster, epic

What a waste that turned out to be. :frowning:


Just flexing my terrible luck:

This was over the course of 8 months of playing.

You have to be extremely unlucky to get Sparked Runners twice.


Use those items and stop being an idiot


return bug pff


I think he already fused some of them away (namely, the Windforge).


I fused all of those away except for Sparked Runners, Mighty Cannon, Seraphblade, MPV, and Rolling Beasts.


4th mech to start building:
MPV, Rolling beasts
Mighty cannon, seraph blade, night eagle, annihilation.
Epic phys protector, 4 hp plates 3 heat modules
Easy counter, very effective.


Rumors that you must buy at least 5 premium packs to have luck… Is ir true @lordgorgon and @bestplayerintheworld?




Like this?


I want sparked, aaaaaargh


In this battle my every single move was precisely calculated :wink:


You won?
Please tell me that.


Of course I did.


You the heat guy? i don’t wanna face you, but i swear my counter could kill it :slight_smile: (i think maybe :thinking:)


Ye, I’m a heat. There’re two magma blasts waiting for the launch (on the screen) as you probably noticed :wink:

No doubt!