- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Maxed page shop except for physical because I don’t have physical mech. But, I have the HP maxed instead. :wink:


I like how the rest are already maxed up and the phys upgrade sitting in the corne lonely, while waiting to be upgraded.


Wait for something that will never happen. I will never build a physical mech, they’re too unoriginal.


How dare you, heat is way too lame and they get the spotlight because everyone complains that they are too weak while energy and phys don’t complain much and it gets new items and buffs



Please release me from my torment, also I have fused over 50+ of these dumbbells, the game won’t stop giving me them.


I feel like it’s a message for you to cooldown

Yeah I’ll see myself out.


Ironically, Heat was Heat’s downfall.

I then used the winnings to open this box. Guess I had some luck left over.


4th L-M+ 4 legends from a prem pack ayy


Dear god… You sir, are a legend!


A flex by my big boi, @The_Yo_Yo_Man





Heck soon I’ll do fortune box unboxing hopefully they give me flexing material.


Here’s my flex

It’s premium…


Ayy, buy me some of that will ya’ mate?


Carefull mate, it seems alcohol free…


Yup, he’s going to be as drunk as a lord… :joy:


Plot twist, anti-flex:
Just lost to a certain rabbit, without destroying even 1 mech. He had a cumulated 3000 ish hp remaining.



Flushy whoped you again?
He is one of a kinda… he pulls himself out of the hat.


The other rabbit. The one mutated with goat dna and an annoying blue mech.


Hmmm…yeah sorry dont know that guy, he must be new or something.
I am a chubby Unicorn…:rhinoceros: