- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Finally saved enough tokens for a PP:

Hmm… only one legendary this time…

end me now


Don’t worry I’ve had much worse for much longer period of time.


Wait pains me is that I got another l-m but it’s useless.

Now I have 3 useless l-m’s:

Spooked Runners


All of those are good


The most searched physical sword, yewt you don’t know how to use… kill yourself…




Seraph doesn’t fit my build, MPV is literally a Windigo but less heat, and I already have Spooked Runners.


That doesn’t make either of those two items “useless”. Perhaps you just haven’t found the right use for them yet. The community sure has though.


I need another NF for the Seraph and the MPV just seems useless.


Yes but great resistance which mean its better


If it was heat resistance I would use it, but it’s not.


I’d like to see the Windigo do this: General Thread - Build Help
The Windigo is pretty bad as it stands. I’d use it, but I have 6 Zarks and don’t need something objectively worse than a Zark.


This is also getting quite off-topic.


FYI you can’t use 7 of the same resistance module, just saying.

I have an energy counter with Windigo, a phys/heat counter with Zark, and I need a heat/energy counter.


For example you can take Mpv on zark mech(heat/phys), use zark torso in heat/energy counter = PROFIT


Zark is trash for energy.


Maxed Mechs, Am proud



Fuk as heavy should this be…(Yoda, you know?) :joy:

(IT was Heavy as fuk this should be)


Because I can!