- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Night Night.


Jesus christ.


Sweet dreams.


Ahh well, that’s alright :smiley:


This is too much.


Knowing Winz has no Iron Grappling hook, it’s all cool :joy:


Lolz, You can keep believing that


Thank you for ending my loss streak :smile: I am back in Rank 3


And thanks USSR PitaL for ending my loss streak too, with smurfs…






No words, just a picture of a spartan carnage.


Did Gorgon just like’d this?
Lol,gorgon you have too many kids.


2nd box, normal mix box, hard mode 1st try image


On my 45th run… still nothing :angry:


First run boyyyyyyys i’m excited!
(please dont ask for nerfs please!!!)


You probably won’t be able to use it anyways.
Congrats on getting it!
If people find that it is op, they will ask for a nerf, one can’t do anything about it.Just gonna live with it.
And even if they actually Nerf it, I highly doubtful that they will reduce damage, but mostly increase the cost by like 30/30 or something more , like 50/50.


That is quite the build! Use modules right and that is skull ranker for sure


I’m quite proud of this mech above all others Ive created. even the one at the start of reloaded that had me accused of being a hacker for about a month. I like it because it was genuinely creative. a lot of the mechs Ive made have been a case of “well I have this good thing I should find a way to make use of it”. this one was birthed in the midst of the seph blade confusion. when buffed, I created a rounded phys mech using it. once re-nerfed, it served its purpose to an extend, but didnt quite live up to my expectations. creating this all rounded mech was an interesting experience for me. one of genuine creativity. laugh at it if you want, but its mine. say its not the best bunke rif you want, but this bunker mech is mine. and thats why I like it. its totally mine. and in the spirit of flexing I say its a pretty good mech. maybe even a great mech. and if its not I dont care. because its my mech.

bet you didnt think anyone would take this that seriously, huh?


All those premium modules :tired_face: