- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


no not really…


And now, remember something?


Oh yes, when we fought…GG bro…I hate your res


I always said my resistance save my ass sometimes… that fight was a real good one, i really thought i would lost ;-;


Nah, I knew you were going to win…


With my weapons legendary yet, i always fear to lose :frowning:


Yeah, you got lucky friend


Beat this silver box

First ever premium pack opening:

Looks promising…

Hello darkness my old friend


How tf is that your first ever premium pack opening? Have you never decided to open one??


Never had over 300 tokens at one time before.

The only way I earn tokens is by doing the daily missions for 10 tokens and the 15 tokens every week from raid.


you get just 15? i get at least 50… something is wrong in your account man…


Why THE CLAW takes so much time and money to fully myth?


He gets 15 because he doesn’t do it at all


I do the first raid last minute if I remember but TS rigged it so if you only do the first one you have a 50% chance to actually receive your reward.




Finally started to get on the grind.


All L-M items have the disadvantage of needing more power (and therefore coins) to fully max myth. You want to use good item - you need to take the price.


holy shet u stronk now

get away demon


How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends :sob:


I’m sorry, it’s time to move on :heart: