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3rd F2P plat plat, I will only leave it here



I’ll join ya, but my second (From Pack opening, will post soon)


And there it is, to the power of Power Kits, I have maxed it in 3 minutes


That’s pretty swaggy :ok_hand:

i’m sorry


Flex on this mix box boiii

2 epics, 1 box


Opened a pack instead of farming with my newly aquired Raid tokens and got a SERAPHBLADE

heck yeah, now I can do dual spartan, seraph + annie combo (just need that claw)


I wonder when…


I wonder when the game will stop giving me really good l-m’s to other people but worthless ones to me. Still waiting on that Mercy. And a plat plate won’t hurt either.


You just fused away a Windforge


Hey, Sherlock, is that you?


You posted it in another thread at the exact time as you posted in this thread
(which this thread gives me a notification) and since there were only 2 topics with new posts when I checked them, I happened to see you post that you fused a windforge for your sparked runners. So I made the point that you literally fused away a windforge

I know you’re joking, I just wanted to take the time to make a paragraph


You said CLAW? Okay :joy:


Through pure skill/counter-builds or by exploiting weak points or ranges.
My white mech used to kill Claw users like crazy,before I modified it to fit my new setup after getting a Claw for myself.
Also,smart use of Rolling Beasts or Sparked Runners prove to be pretty effective for many Claw builds,don’t ask why.


Ah,no.It’s still 315 hp that it gives.
You see,he just transformed the plate,he didn’t max it.


You thought it was a flex huh? Well no.


So you’re a bit of a fixer upper? :musical_note:

Cause your fixing up the forums


Lmao I don’t know,to be honest :laughing:


@SeanChoi1870 any thoughts about resistance? :joy:




Resistance, arena… nothing comes to mind? XD