- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


FORTUNE BOX… Oh yeah, now things will change :smiley:


Dammit man. Another claw, another -1 for me


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.

HP Bonus + This :



mpv+that resist+max myth mighty protector=wft resistance


I don’t have a claw either winzy :sob:

We should start a clawless clan.


Yeah but he shouldn’t leave Trolls Fast for it lmao


Little do you know our clawless clan will kick ass hater


if you dont have claw then how are you gonna beat people with the claw?:joy::ok_hand:

so apparently if someone says something inteligent you call them a hater… well then i say




Also RIP



atleast not 4th ultrahot protector


im not gonna flex because im already flexible if you know what i mean


gimme that 3rd ultrahot protector


@Winz_Kay only 240HP? it use to be 315HP? was that a nerf !!!
I wasn’t going to buy the offer anyways unless it was 49.99$


I find UltraHot protectors useless…I have had 3 but now have 2…


I need it for my anti phy. As well as Claw


315 at maxed myth bud



315 HP is maxed Plate Stats


I made it mythical, hadn’t maxed it back then


ima just flex this mix box i got