- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Why you fought him so much?


He spammed me with 1v1 invites


You did a good thing by accepting. Nice work :+1:



Some people just never learn lol


doesn’t that look beautiful? sadly these are only the powerkits from today’s special quest, but still… BEAUTIFUL!


forgot to screen shot what was used for transfomr, but kinda glad i dont want to remember all the l-ms i just wasted. Glad to have THIS though!!! Probably going to replace avenger today if i can max it! I’M SOOOO CLOSE!!!


RIP monster from Reign Reforged

Rank 6 vs Rank 3


I wanna cry


curses! i need that damn res mod jk.Gz though!


is this worth replacing legendary faceshocker? and this is my level 150 prize.



heres my shiet

OOF gonna need some flex tape for that!


Well this took less than 2 days…

reallllllllly hard not to cuss when you’re taking screenshots like crazy hoping that one turns out ok but then you accidentally click on an ad before the torso even turns black because it’s maxed…
i will never get that moment back :sob:


No its not. Replacing Faceshocker’s dmg with Anguish only gives you + 6 regen dmg (iirc) and takes away a ton of electric and energy dmg. Although Faceshocker has 3 uses only before redeploy, it is nothing as energy mechs usually kill mechs fast.


oh my god. I don’t feel bad for fusing 2 archimondes before the buff now.


Buy a kit of paint removal for 300 gold.
You will get the same screen once you apply it (it doesn’t have to be painted either).


There is no paint, I just missed the sexy moment when it turns black


Dude,buy a paint removal kit and apply it.You’ll get that moment back :slight_smile:


OHH I get it lol thx hahaha


Told ya :laughing:
Enjoy your moment of blackness and glory.