- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Shhhhhh leave my brother alone.


i got it when it FIRST CAME OUT




Ghost os your brother?
Tell him I said hi.


Ye lol.


He said hi lol.


Wow…many brothers here…Winz and I, Dank and Yeet, now TYYM and Ghost…


Flex for this second f2p plat plat bois



I found a picture of my mech when I was 1 month in playing (approximately 11 months ago) from this topic:

I came across it when I searched up WinzKay on Google along with some of my sprites and other images with my name on it.

Now 3 things:
1.In that topic, we had discussions on how mechs with 2,000 HP was waaaay to hard to beat and the how the game was going haywire. Now we have counter mechs with 3,000 HP and that surprised me on how far we’ve come.

2.I do not recall wasting 800 tokens on white paint just for all of them to vanish from my memory…

3.I was half heat, half energy where I had Corrupt Light, Malice beam, Epic v. Recko, Epic v. Bulldog and Deso and… Grim cobra? (could be night eagle). Was a very nice tactic where if the opponent had less energy, I would use my energy weapons. If the opponent had less heat, I would only use my heat weapons. Got me up high until Valiant and Bunker dropped within 3 days of each other and I went full energy.

Those Dynamic stompers are still being used to this day. Lol


I fought with testers this week and cracked top ten. I have realized win or lose building can still be very rewarding part of this game .


If not for these clan loyalty stuffs, youd probably be top 5 right now. Trolly you…


Look what I got!

Now I can upgrade my phys mech with Molten plat vest! Should buff my phys resistance!


Yay :slight_smile:


You should upgrade that Anubis :slight_smile:


Will do! Luckily I just started making myth food, so I can do that quite fast. Just gotta decide between MVP, heat point and magma blast now…
Choices, choices.


DO not upgrade that anubis…


Why not, Is it that bad? I would have used it for my anti-heat/Phys physical mech. Seems ideal for that. Would have switched my zarkares.


It doesn’t reach mythical tier…


XD I thought you meant MVP with Anubis, because it got those ears! Clearly went over my head.
Nah, Anubis is my yummy myth kibble!


When you have 450 cooling and still get shat on… repeatedly.