- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


i got Motlen Platinium Vest lol


From fortune.
Gj brother.


Everybody post claw pics to flex on Winzypoo.




yay. beat that (81 l-ms i think)

too lazy to crop






There ya’ go.

Get lord gorgon over here and rek winz


Oh my heavens.

Look at that gorgeous view.

Don’t worry about @rrr / Trafalgar9999… I was 33 hp away from beating him. So it counts since I have the “Non-claw user discount”

Got me to Rank 3 on a Tuesday… not a typical occurrence for a player like me


It seems I need to remind ya’ll with my Fortune box stack
Try to out-flex this number BOIS.




I’m gonna buy 2 more premium boxes and FLEX it!


Okay…I was feeling confident but now I’m seriously done.
14 euros total these 2 days.
Never spending another penny.Ever.
I learned my lesson.
image image


Golden Mythical? How was he so low on the rank? I have beaten that guy


9 rounds on that reply.
Seems esay battle for Winzy poo.


Considering the drops lately all I see is that you’re trying to flex on me with 70 epic items!


Lmao,now that’s SM truth right there.





My life has doomed.


already have it. its mythed