- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Oh yeah?
Well,I might not have something neither of you have,but I have some things you both have (one that ones has and the other one that the other has):
image image image image image image image image image image image image

I also have 3 Max Myth Zarkares:

And I had more L-M’s,that I unfortunatelly fused away since they were useless to me.I swear I’m never using L-M’s as myth food again,useless or not.


My Gosh…
You should really get a prize for that.


I’m just gonna flex.

Got viliant

Today’s rewards for me.
My luck has gone insane.


Yeah…Me too.


Hot Damn. What a nice variety


I have enough gear for decent phys mech and an electric,but none for heaters except the Desert Snake (that I’m never gonna use since I don’t really like heaters tbh).


I just got it again…from fortune.

Nah fam i must’ve been hited by an high luck or something.


I have 3 Fortunes right now.

Rub onto me your luck please.



i won battle pls thancc


I just got the Mighty Protector so I am here to flex it, and while I’m here I will also flex my items

L-M Protectors: I had another UltraHot Protector but fused it away


My Items Although a lot of you will be able to one up me…

2018-09-23%20(1) 2018-09-23%20(2) 2018-09-23%20(3) 2018-09-23%20(4) 2018-09-23%20(5) 2018-09-23%20(6) 2018-09-23%20(7) 2018-09-23%20(8)


Yuor wulcum.


Gimme them Power kits.


Jeez, Yo Yo Man, you’re getting lucky. Grats man!


Yesterday was luckle buckle.
That’s just an high hit luck of mine…maybe.




Gimme that energy storage unit…
And that grapple and Valiant…


Flex your items. Go!


Just gimme some time to do this mission, then I’ll show you my stockpiles of epics…
And my azz creator…


Ya gonna post ya items?


How about I give you the 3 Zarkares,the Rolling Beasts,the Heat Storage Unit and the Mighty Cannon?