- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Your powers are unmatchable.


“ey am ultimate creation” - quote by cyanine

Top 10 Anime Characters that overpowers Thanos


Stop spamming we get that you’re a tryhard lucky p2w okay?


This is a flex thread for a reason lol

You can flex anything.

Oh yeah I’m not a p2w. I’m a f2p.


These You can not defeat:

The Dynamic Duo

And you do not possess the intellect to gain such scores

Extra: Bloody Doge, man.

Over took me


Oh, please.

Dynamic duo my left bicep.

But you’re right about one thign, I do not posses enough strength to kill SHOGUN in 1 hit.


1 hit?


I’m muting this thread


Sure, you were never generally obliged to keep track of this thread anyhow. It was created as a flex place with judgement free users so technically, you’re following the rules by getting out of here.



Oh yeah forgot one more thing.

A flex no one will dare do.


Come to think of it, has any one actually maxed the common-tier Rocket Launcher?


I will, and I will even paint it in a Green Marble, I double dare you.


No, paint it in storm.
I triple dare you.


Too bad I do not have the tokens for Storm Paint.


Paint the rocket launcher with storm or mystique paint and use 2 mythical maxed level platinum plating when transforming…

you will get a spartan carnage


Bloody Genius.


I did it.

I don’t have enough tokens for Storm, sorry.


I am proud.


Cyagai vs Winz gai?
Let that happen pls.


I’m soooooooooooooooooo proud