- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Physical wining vs an electric by a large margin. Flex approved.


Nuked him with a 1150 Falcon shot






You know i’m joking with you right? :man_facepalming:


The reason why i use one on my physical…


it’s been maxed for longer than yours… but anyways I’ve been inactive for like half the year so it doesn’t count. I must say congradulations of course! I kinda hate the “buffs” to the torso tho I had it bc of weight not the heat and energy stats


19%20PMwell fellas, guess i can stop using these for transform… (i’ve been gone for a while, didnt hear about buffs)



I like that bro. Excellent.
You also flexed for me along the way, thanks :sunglasses:


Legit just logged in the Day 7 Prem box reward, and got this beauty…

ALSO excuse me saying “Mythical Box”



I, myself, got a Brutality from mine a few days ago :laughing::laughing:


Someone called you gei.


I’m waiting for someone to flex their fully maxed arena shop.
All of them.


All dem P2W fellas who watch dem videos

(Yes, that is pay to win.)


bout to myth my magma blast :smile: gonna be sou awesome!!!
i just need gold!




lol after mything my magma blast xD


Exactly 1k.
I am very impressed.


rank 8 here i come!