- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Np, we always bamboozle ourselves from time to time.

That beast would have eaten both of my mechs.


Adding 1 energy build to your line up is one of the best way to beat me. Cant take out big boi.

Well done nevertheless maye. New drone made you heater more efficient by quite a lot.


Haha, get used to it :exclamation:

The more you won (tournaments, Single Gold Medals), the more players want and try to beat you :exclamation:

And of course flex about :exclamation:

Now you feel a tiny little little bit, how it is for me :exclamation:



Haha! That’s because you’re the gold standard to beat. :smiling_imp:


I mean, of course we’re flexing on you Lord G… you’re super good and you show up in the arena pretty often :grin:


Has @Sumerian_Tablet and @lordgorgon battled yet… Two seemingly top players…
I’m guessing @Sumerian_Tablet is a top player due to him saying


Of course mate. Its good to have new contenders poping up.
Also adding a “retaliation” dpt to my hunting list… :slight_smile:


Well. I guess your post finess stands in the “seemingly”.
I did battle him, took me some hours to derank, but the resulting 1v2 was pretty tight indeed.


I wanna 2v2 or 1v1 this @Sumerian_Tablet guy…


Then go hang around in rank 6/7 i guess


8-7 actually… He’s the worst player in his clan… Who names a clan after themselves?


He does. To be fair, he is it’s leader and creator, but that’s the kind of person he is.


I’m doing @Sumerian_Tablet’s flex for him… LOOK AT THAT STREAK!
He won 1 out of 15 wins…
He lost quite badly… When I battle, these are what it mainly relies on:

  1. Opponent (I’d be f**ked against two heat mechs)
  2. Line up
  3. Rng
  4. RNG
  5. RNG!!!
    These are the kinds of opponents I’d be f**ked against:
  6. Dual heat mechs

My mechs are counter heat (Phys) and counter energy (energy)


Can i pay in robux/v-bucks


You and what plat plates?


I challenge thee

Whomst’d hath thou higher score than I?





Hot potatoes… well, at least I beat poppers lol