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If its a anti physical mech, build any other mech but physical. An anti physical build would be powerful as hell, but it would have to have some weakness.


I beaten anti physical mechs with my physical mech before. Then again he was energy based, so I put on more energy mods then faught him
(dis was in chat cough cough @cyanine)


See? Ya’ have cheated, don’t disrespect me like that.




dang boi. are yall like rank 1 or something


I flex my small build that only uses legs.



This is enough to handle most elec builds (and is a rounded, faring ok vs heat and phys):

If not enough, you can build counter elec :


I am rank 6


How the fudge am I supposed to get all those items ._.


How the literal ____ do you get platinum plates. I swear to god the games RNG, even though random, is still not in my favor


You can build counters without all the crazy shet.
Pm if you need build support for physical.


Tho unreadable, there seem to be paterns. Guys that invested as much as i did didnt get as many plates as i did. To this day, no clear explanation


Maybe the devs purposely coded it in a way so that you get one of the best items almost every time :stuck_out_tongue:


Or as I like to think… they gave plat plates to those who wouldn’t have the talent to compete in the arena without it :wink:



Now I finally understand why there are players running energy mechs with 2 fully maxed out EMPs.
They do so just to counter your mechs.


I can’t flex anything because i just got deserved.


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My current clan :

Win rate comparison

My current clan :

Reign Reforged :



Trolls Fast :


I am proud :sweat_smile:

Note : All of us are online, but 10-14 of us only does 100+ wins


Oh hey thats me.