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how aren’t you already playing BattleDawn yet


I’m busy with
Farcry 5 (completed 5 times - just after achievements now)
Saints Row 4 (just after achievements)
Dead By Daylight
Battle Blocks Theatre (completed - just after achievements)
Halo Reach (completed many times on all difficulties - just after challenges and achievements)

Not got time for SM or BD
Only here for the good community


*spits out the non existent water in my mouth *

the what community?


The amazing, fantastic community without the toxic burdens of BlackTempest’s and Sumerian’s rivalry and that **** ing piece of **** Adashofmy ***… Pardon my language…


I’m surprised you know of the past toxics


Oh… I more than know them…
For one, I edited the profile pic which the BlackTempest used from a red version of it which had a mouth
For two, I’m the one who brought up that Adash’s insane luck on his f2p challenge thing might be because of some scheme set up by the devs to make the whole base thing look great and that his insane luck was actually buffed drop rates only for Adash…
For three, I’m the one who suggested a VPN to Black…
In other words, I’m the reason he was able to come back in the first place…
Also, I generally know about Sumerian from listening to constant rants from Black
Btw, the pic you see above is not my art, I found it off google and edited it to change it to this


Blacktempest was too much of a memer. caused some sensitive topics to arise

adashofsiren was fine until accusation lead to debate and the man didn’t know how to keep a secret (totally my fault for him leaving)

and sumerian just liked to brag too much and it got on people’s nerves


I think that’s Haunter (Pokemon)


and dude, your edit is so much better


Especially for BlackTempest… He’s grown up with nothing but entitled people so entitlement and capitalism just blows him through the roof…

Not to mention his hypocrisy… He bullied someone who was rather sensitive and calls them sensitive… But then he gets all angry and upset when someone calls him something…

What? I don’t get that…
This is going off topic…


it became off topic since day 1, don’t worry



What do you mean by

I remember at some point he used Adash’s meme against him which caused Adash to get real upset…
Image result for internet sensitivity memes

But what do you meme by that?
Some links for me to check out pls?


it was a generalised description, no need to look to deep into that

I just meant he liked to take the piss too much


That’s BlackTempest… I have him as a friend on Facebook… He’s joined Antivaxxers Vs Provaxxers, Glove Earth Vs Flat Earth and Atheists Vs Theists…
You see him argue a lot on there, and jeez… He very rarely loses… But he gets super salty when he does! And I mean super salty!
Him taking the piss does lead to him getting in shit a lot… He’s just one of those…
Hey, at least he hasn’t tried to chase down a furry with a baseball ba-… Nevermind!


I’m flexing my cat…

And hamster


mega gay


Tnx for guessing but one of the three of ya got one of the correct answer



only 1? ._.


Me curi,ous :slight_smile:


You are flexing your weirdness xd


My cat is beautiful… My hamster is weird tho…
My pfp is smexy af!