- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


Wtf :v

That’s a lot of HP lol


yeah but look at his energy he cant do anything… wait nvm none of his weapons use energy
exept for the pushy thing. is it called repulser? im not sure


Only frantic uses energy there


got one yesterday XD hehe bunker bros XD


Finally,I have done this item!:stuck_out_tongue:


The most crappiest legendary i can get in my life :sob::sob::sob: 44%20PM but on the upper hand i got this to legend,


There are still people who like this game… don’t ruin it for them!


imagine coming back just to say this


Imagine getting roasted lmao


Yea naa, im dreaming right? I got a Frantic Brute Legendary from my 1st fortune box of the day, my 2nd one i got a


OMG, guess what, 3rd fortune box, i am laughing to hard


I think that this is the second time when i manage to take this legendary player down,but still after so many loses finally sun rises on my street.
Thanks rovo for a great fight and i m waiting another !


well it was a pretty good day XD

So glad to see so many f2p players in top 10 XD


i m also f2p


2nd one, thankyou sm, now i need a 3rd


:open_mouth: Just did another run, got a fortune box, got a legendary




Hello fellow rank 3 headhunter
I should start a clan called that


Flex this unluckiest fight i ever see.
I wish good luck to Pitkin, he really need it, get some wins, men.


fortune box


congrats bro missing our fights