- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


I talk with him on discord all the time he’s fine anyways he said he’s never coming back because “tacticsoft is dumb” is what he says



Very nice

You’re friends with him?


Now hush


Not that much compare to the heat point but i will use it since it’s look badass asf


Tactisoft I think that is way to much time for a suspension.


It’s basically a permanent ban


Fun fact: Red and white is the colour of the Indonesian flag (Poland as well) and it’s also the color of most elementary school uniform here.


Well that was fast…lol, Farm Much?


lol almost max


Maxed it right when I got it. :wink:


oof thats a hard flex


no i can create my own babies in my own conse-


you didn’t mean that did you


I want to flex this Top spot in honour of someone

My most recent battle, I was respectful and quiet. I didn’t insult or anything. I said “Hi” like usual.

Then suddenly, this player thought they had beaten me and yelled at me “LOOOOOOOOOOOOL”

I stayed quiet.

And eventually won.

Thank you all.


Well, that must be embarrassing. I hate those types of people.

One day, hopefully, they’ll grow up. :man_shrugging:


When old people grow they die :joy:



I think you missed the content of my meaning.


Yeah… this person tells others not to insult them… BUT likes to taunt others

hypocrite, amirite?

Anywho, I put aside any forum based rivalry during my battles but I do look down on those who insult me in the game.

If you don’t insult me in game, I won’t do anything to you in game.


That’s the definition of hypocrite.

When I see people insulting me in pvp, I tell them I’ll mute them. Then, I mute them. At some point, it dawn on them that they’ll wasting their time, and then I don’t have to mute them anymore because they’re quiet.

Hehehe, mute button ftw! :grin:


yeah, I mute my opponents too XD

I learned this the hard way from Clash Royale

(psst, anyone who plays, add me)


Who insult me i keep spamming him laughing emoji until he does not stop.


I dont know I can get this one for free clan box!?!