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Highest damage so far against a titan.


What items would you be talking bout?




I did better

Only took over 3 mil gold. But I was saving up for something good anyway, and I finally got it.


fite me


I still have 6.7 mil bro



20 characters


a few days a go i went from lvl 66 to lvl 81 in less than 3 hours


U guys Thought


All of those are myth food


I say to keep greedy…


His build seems to be this :

Windigo - torso
Devouring Paws - legs
Flaming Hammer - side weapon
Magma Recoiler - side weapon
Corrupt Light - side weapon
Flaminator - side weapon
HeatPoint - drone

I can’t say what the modules are really. Although, for a Rank 18, that’s a foul smurf.




Better than all epics, or 3 legendaries that don’t go to mythical.


LOLOLOLOLOL I have all of those


Shall i upgrade this?


@Pavic be specific, which one? we dont know which one you want to upgrade. If its energy storage unit then yes keep it and max myth it too


Keep the desolation, we all know how godly that thing is.


What i know is that Brutality is a good anti energy mech, trust me on this one.


I am talking about energy storage unit.