- - - f l e x - t h r e a d - - -


What really happens when i sleeped, i awoke, look that i have full energy, and then pvp mision done first, and grabbed the energy… something like that happens to me… :3


Look what i got from bigboi fortune chest lucky me 42%20PM RIP Ferehiet 451


But i got the best thing ever after opening another chest!56%20PM anybody got any last words?


No, sorry I don’t.


Is this the real deal:


Said he used to be called Bagotronpr?


I think htk exists for a bit longer than 2 years



First rule of SM: Never go into chat.
Second rule of SM: Don’t believe anything in the chat.
Third rule of SM: Never talk about the german chat.


Wtf did i just send

Sec claw


HTK existed since 2 years before 2017 (reloaded)


wow i was gone for the weekend and wen i come back there are 250+ posts


what is on this build guys

reply witht he items on it plox

EDIT: reason is i found this in rank 18 so uhh… im spooked


I just fought that guy on rank 3…looool


well someone has his mech in rank 18 -_-


Let’s go! Finally got a legy from a fortune box after so much grinding.
Is this a good torso, or are the energy and heat versions of this better?


That is X, I know that son of a B anywhere


It is a good torso. Just leave it at that.


it’s X , i fought him yesterday with my alt account , i think he was rank 11-12

btw he’s number 1 in RAID this week


Fractured and rusty are slightly better, but that is a damn fine torso, myth it fast.


I could argue against that, as although Hollow has lower health, it has better all around stats. I wouldn’t use any armor torsos though until you have at least one L-M res module, and because the armors make up more advanced builds that require certain items that can be pretty hard to get.