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Well you start stacking up on these things and youll be able to fuse things.
It’s not the best… but its not that useless xd


They’re always sure to get 1 myth food.


Wouldn’t you want to get a weapon, having the chance of getting something useful?


Did they really implement rank 1 boxes to drop 100% relics.
Earlier I saw that rank 1 boxes used to drop epics


Lemme dig up the post.

edit: Can’t find it.

But I’m pretty sure that you get a relic if you reach rank 1.


Relics are the best, they really help not waste any of my guns and weapons trying to transform a legendary to myth.
So relics may seem useless, but get a maxed out legendary and you will find it helpful not to throw away guns and modules.
It is also the reason why my Frantic Brute went to Myth, btw.


Too 300 raid flex!


i cant even get passed tier 5


I am just saying like rank 1 boxes,
Legendary relics use to not drop 100% of the time,
maybe there is a chance that epics an drop idk.


For you to be a true top lol, Relics are kinda amazing to you huh?


Most of top players have almost everything they wanted


Aghhhh I still have so many items I want.


All i want is to fufill my destiny becomes a decent mech


I’ll pretend that “sentence” made sense and say ok.


Hey is a good mech right here from my other account24%20PM


I’ll pretend THAT “sentence” made sense and say…it’s not a good mech.


I dont use quotation marks or commas


You don’t really use any punctuation actually.


that too but dont judge me im lazy


yea and you got to remember they probably spend hundreds of dollars into this game and will get bored because they have everything they want.

xD I still need a magma blast bunker shell or a 2nd claw lol

no need to be rude clan mate :wink: