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Its name is AQW,a 2D browser MMORPG.
I reccommend it to anyone to play.It makes grinding fun,has an active dev team and,even though it’s pretty old,it gets constantly updated amd never runs out of things to do.
Pretty boring at the beginning,but I hope you’ll like it in the end.


this page really was dirty and you have to delete, besty does not respect, she tries provocation towards us

then over 10,000 report against besty and 60 capture screen evidence that she cheats.

you are not serious the team supermechs and mod


This is automatic closure made by the system due to large amount of flags. And these arent flags on Besty’s posts.


They’re flags FROM besty


Was about to get to R1 last star but got defeated i was heart broken totally😥


Off topic flex but a flex in its truest form: FINALLY finally bench pressed 400 lbs. Been trying to get there for the past 5 years and finally got it! Wasnt very pretty, wasn’t for very long, but I fcking DID IT. Haha. Granted that’s not very much for a few serious bodybuilders, but for me with no chemical enhancement…I am proud. Time for leg day (or year). Been neglecting it. I hate leg day:-(


you’re rank 1?


Ha! is that all you can do? I can do 40 pushups without stopping



I dont push myself up…I push the Earth down. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


That was an impressive reply


Not really, I just know a lot of chuck norris jokes.


Did you know Chuck Norris is so tough, he can make onions cry? Or that he made a bet with Superman that whoever lost the fight would have to wear their underwear on the outside? Had to edit, lol. Lost , not won.


A kid in my class had the name of Norris


Congratulations @Andernut for single gold!
What a strong friday performance…truely deserved.
BUT i find it highly suspicious that my “most lost battles to Andernut friday” falls on the same day :thinking:



You water drinkers gave it hell it seems.

Gg Andy, beautifull season.


image image

I have HSA already so i’m gonna fuse this one to myth that scope


ok I ask all to flag “single medal ranking” thanks


Please, if you don´t agree with the bully, put a flag on this theme.
Let’s end with self promotion, spam and harassment. No one is the owner to appropriate your will.


Better than this


From a premium box?