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A very, VERY old RPG game called AQW, Adventure Quests World.

I thought it died out a few years back when my friends stopped playing it. I guess not.


4 Hours before Season End

Season End


Congrats Andernut on your second 1st!

also to ArmaKaiser for her first 3rd!


For a long time I had one each of 1/2/3 and I decided to start going for medals once in awhile.


hell yeah






I want that


I never be rude also can you tell me what i did so i can check myself.


When you get excited because you finally get a legy from a rank 10 box, and then…


Hopes down the drain.!


I should get myself a drain then. There seems to be a lot of free hope in them


Some luck would be what I want.


Fight @cyanine 's energy.



cyanine is dead.

But, I’ll fight @WinzKay with cyanine if that’s what you want. :slight_smile:


The mission ramp (the purple zone)
Yes, you can reliably renter it 1,000 times to get score
but you can also actually do missions (and get like 200,000 points per mission)
So yeah. It’s kind of like the old games where you just have to earn score, no matter what.


this is my “weird flex, but ok”


this is on my weak alt account… :joy: just thought i’d share


Forum Flex.

It’s the first time I’ve done this! :joy:


Yaa gave me 8 likes wtf …lol