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are you forgetting the party crasher requires jump?..


Aw you passed me up. Joking, congrats!


Everybody look what i found both of these are same batftes but are showed in the same copy they are 100% identical even the damages …lol…New bug. 28B05,28B06 not sure if the 0 is O


What you should look is to have more respect for the other players that you fighting on Arena. Even if you are a kid that is not an excuse.


Where do I´ve to write the code to see a replay?

People mention the replay by a code number, where you have to place that code to see an old replay?


Top right corner of your replay screen. The search button.


i have this on an alt account… but still, it’s valiant


Did you even know i am not direspecting a person but just showing you a double replay bug.:wink:



:astonished: dont upgrade frantic flame.


I was not talking about the replay. I was talking about your behavior in Arena. I serious encourage you to speak only in forum and stop insulting people on Arena.


I dont insult people in Arena .i never do although i may talk but i always respect the opponent.


Is not what I saw when you fighting my brother … I hope it was the last time.


:neutral_face: i dont even know that i even fought your brother in the fight, i respect everybody who i fight in arena and respect all members here too and so if yor brother is saying that it may be his mis understanding .Akthough i cant deny my Frantic’s abuses :joy:


I didn’t know that your Frantic’s write on Arena chat. Well … I’m always learning … from rude people …


I just got the Evolved Hex set!
(Yes,I’m going Unarmed for weapon slot;I have a paid membership)

Next,I’m going for the Evolved Blood.


What is that, and from what game?
Looks rather interesting… i want to test/try it.


How long do you think this thread will last? (It’s already been around almost a year)


Another Rank 1 Flex However…

Do not play at the end of season its so freaking hard…

(barely got rank 1)


REPLAY: 3BC1F Can someone tell me how I won against the number 1 Guy PB.

I dont understand im thankful tho.