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Indeed monsieur kiwi, indeed.


Of course forum for conversations, but this topic was created for another things


I’m thinking of making the sequel after a bit more replies

gonna start taking 15 seconds to load like lounges




Who need Rank 1 to be Top30 :question:

… pretty efficient I would say :grey_exclamation:




that makes me top 30 and I haven’t logged on for almost a day!

yay me


Yup, it is possible to be top 30 without rank 1 :slight_smile:
You reminded me of this :

(old screenshot)
Although i’m sure i’ll never get that high position again :cry:


curzon for gold?


Curzon for gold.


Curzon for gold.


Can i flex top without heat builds? :no_mouth:


Would have been so if i threw my credit card at the screen


You are officially a weekly top 3 player, my dear Arma


do it then


I just lobbed my card at my laptop… did nothing, ngl


Excellent performance as always. You became a regular top 10, very nice.
My only heat line up will be waiting your no heat one.

GG Arma.








What about a top 11 rank 3?? .-.

Ayy lmayo .-.